Meet New York City Pharmacy

We are a family-owned business, located in a small community, in the heart of Manhattan. It is different compared to other pharmaceutical franchises because of our unique ability to build new relationships with our customers. Feel confident that we can provide you with a great deal of variety, as well as helpful customer service. We always welcome new clients that are looking for quality products at a fair price, and appreciate the finer aspects of our niche.

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It's an environment rarely experienced today. You'll be welcomed by our pharmacy staff — caring professionals who are readily available with answers and information regarding your medication questions. It's the kind of personal service you should expect from a community pharmacy. Our goal is to make our pharmacy a place you come to between doctor visits for health information, questions, wellness programs or just reassurance to help you better manage your health.

✔ You'll receive the personal attention you deserve.

✔ Your pharmacist will become a member of your health care team.

✔ Enjoy prompt prescription service.

✔ Take advantage of health care screenings and wellness programs.

✔ Your own confidential personal pharmacy care profile.

✔ We accept prescription insurance.

✔ Competitive prices.

We strive to make everybody feel as though they are our only client, so that we may serve you again. Feel free to stop on by, or contact us about your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!